Long T-shirt Fitting Tips for Tall Men

Long T-shirt Fitting Tips for Tall Men

T-shirt shopping as a tall man is like sifting through sand trying to find a golden nugget that fits right, feels right, and looks right. Regular shirts can be too short in the sleeves or ride up at the waist, leaving a tall man feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. This is where long T-shirts come into play. 

Designed with taller proportions in mind, long t-shirts are perfect for men with a height of 6 feet or more. These shirts are specifically cut to accommodate the longer torsos and the longer arms of taller individuals. This gives you a more flattering and comfortable fit, so you look good and feel good. Our selection of tall, long T-shirts has you covered, with no bare mid-riffs or too-short sleeves showing off your armpits. Let’s get you the right fit.

Body Type Considerations

Understanding your body type is the key that unlocks the door to properly fitting T-shirts. For tall men, your body type needs to be accommodated, from girthy to wirey and everything in between. It takes every type of tall man to make the world go round.

With a taller stature, you may have broader shoulders and a longer torso that requires a cut that gives you coverage and allows for movement. A good fit is essential. After that, you can start considering your style options, and how they will impact your T-shirts impact. 

Vertical stripes can help create a slimming effect while avoiding horizontal stripes can prevent emphasising height. Of course, if you want to highlight your height, going for a horizontal stripe pattern can accentuate your physical presence. 


The length of your sleeves and the shoulder seam placement will decide your shirt fit. Where the body of the T-shirt meets the sleeves on your body can change the entire appearance of a T-shirt. The higher it is on the shoulder, the slimmer and tighter the rest of the shirt fit will be. If this seam is passed the curve of the shoulder and down the arm a little, the T-shirt will have a looser fit and may be quite baggy. 

This is true of any man’s shirt fit, but for taller men, the measurements go up higher. Tall doesn’t mean big, and finding a cut and fit to suit your frame can be difficult on the high street or online stores. Tall Togs knows that tall men need slim fits too and larger cuts to suit a variety of frames. Big or tall, as well as big and tall, we have every type of T-shirt for every type of tall man.

Benefits Of Wearing A Long T-Shirt

Regular shirts often fall short, literally. Bare bellies and exposed armpits are not a good look. Regular-cut T-shirts need a few extra inches of fabric to keep a tall man covered. This is where long T-shirts excel. Long-cut shirts are designed to give more coverage to men with taller stature and keep you looking and feeling cool with our showing off anything you don’t want to. There are some big benefits for tall men:

  • Improved Fit: Long T-shirts are specifically tailored to accommodate the longer torsos of tall men. With the extended measurements, they offer a better fit, ensuring that the t-shirt doesn’t ride up or bunch around the waist.
  • Enhanced Style: Long T-shirts come in a variety of styles, from solid colours to bold stripes or dyed patterns. With this range, you can effortlessly elevate your look, adding a touch of sophistication to your casual outfits.
  • Versatility: Dressing up, dressing down, staying in or out on the town, long T-shirts have your back, and your front. Paired with fitted pants, jeans of all colours and styles, or dress pants and dress shoes for a black-tie/white-tee look.
  • Comfort: Longer sleeves and broader shoulder seams on long T-shirts ensure a comfortable fit. You’ll no longer have to deal with tension lines across your shoulders or arms, allowing for a more relaxed look and feel throughout the day and night.

When shopping for a tall t-shirt, consult our size charts and use a measuring tape to get a better idea of your key numbers, like your chest and shoulder seam. This will help you find the right fit, from tight to baggy and anywhere in between, while having enough coverage from any of the long T-shirts in our range.

Should Tall Guys Tuck in a Shirt?

This is a question every tall man seems to want an answer to, but there is no one-tall-size-fits-all solution. Tucking in a shirt or T-shirt is a style choice that makes a big difference when you are creating a polished and put-together appearance. Done correctly, it can upscale your outfit and showcase your tall physique in a more flattering way. You need rules to follow, and these style tips for tucking or untucking a shirt should do the trick:

  • Dress for your body type: For tall men with a longer torso and shorter legs, tucking in a shirt can help balance your proportions. Your belt line defines where your legs end and your body begins. If you have longer legs, leaving your shirt untucked has a similar effect and balances your look, preventing you from appearing bottom-heavy.
  • Go long: Make sure your shirt is long enough to comfortably tuck in without pulling out when you move. Look for tall sizes or shirts specifically designed for longer torsos to ensure a proper fit and give you the option of tucking or untucking.
  • Dress for the occasion: Tucking in a shirt is ideal for more formal or dressier occasions, such as business meetings, weddings, or cocktail parties. You can maintain an air of sophistication and professionalism while still feeling and looking casual.
  • Pair it with fitted pants: To complete a polished appearance, wear fitted pants or trousers that complement your shirt. Choose low-rise pants to avoid emphasising your taller frame. You can dress up with a T-shirt as long as the quality of the materials and the fit look the part.

Remember, the key to a successful tuck is to ensure the shirt is neat and wrinkle-free. By tucking in their shirt when appropriate, tall guys can elevate their style and project confidence in any situation and still achieve a sophisticated and professional appearance if the occasion demands it.

Colour And Fabric Choices For Long T-Shirts

Colours and fabrics are the foundations of a stylish and flattering look. Picking the right hues, or using ‘your’ colour, can make or break your overall outfit. The feel of your T-shirt from the fabric it is made of can make you feel more comfortable, and make people feel more comfortable holding you close. From date nights to five-a-side games, colour and fabric are important considerations.

When selecting shades, consider solid colours as they tend to elongate the body and create a streamlined appearance. Dark shades like navy, black, and charcoal are versatile options that can be easily paired with different pants and jackets. If you want to add a pop of colour, opt for bold stripes or a dyed pattern, but be cautious not to choose horizontal stripes as they can make you look wider.

In terms of fabric choices, look for materials that drape well and have some stretch. Lightweight fabrics like cotton or jersey are excellent options for long t-shirts as they provide both comfort and breathability. Chunky knits or textured fabrics give a more elevated and stylish look, working well with jeans for a smart-causal go-to outfit. Avoid fabrics that are too stiff or heavy, as they can add unnecessary bulk to your frame.

If you carefully select the right colour and fabric for your long t-shirts, you can effortlessly create a polished and fashionable wardrobe that caters to your tall physique for any occasion. Experiment with different options and find the colours and fabrics that enhance your personal style and make you stand out from the crowd.

Accessorise Your Look With Fitted Pants And Jackets

To achieve a stylish and polished look, the right choice of pants and jackets can make all the difference for tall men. Fitted pants that are specifically designed for taller body types will provide the perfect length and proportion for a suave, sophisticated look with a long T-shirt.

Look out for low-rise cuts or high-rise cuts depending on your personal preference and body shape. Pair these pants with jackets that have a slightly longer length, hitting just below your hips, to create a balanced and proportional silhouette. Incorporating vertical stripes into your outfits can create the illusion of a longer and slimmer frame if you are trying to smooth out any bumps. With the right combination of fitted pants and jackets, you can elevate your style and confidently embrace your tall stature.

Next time you are browsing our T-shirts and selecting sizes, remember your ABCs. Always check the shoulder seam, this will determine the overall shirt fit. Balance your look with tucking, helping you even out your proportions by untucking or tucking in a long T-shirt. Consider colours and fabrics carefully to suit your style and the occasion you are dressing for. Stripes can help you slim or shorten, depending on how you apply them, and different weights of fabric will make you more comfortable and affect body temperature. Choose wisely, and you will have some useful tools in your wardrobe that will help you look and feel cool all year round. Long T-shirts are not just for the summer after all.

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